As an artist we see things differently.
We have a deep sense of empathy from an inherent ability to absorb and project understandings of the world, others, ourselves – always questioning.
These questions are not responded with answers but are posed with an attempt to quench the thirst hoping to find fulfilment to our constant curiosities.
Perhaps these thoughts, feelings and spiritual passions have merit with their expression or in that which we gain from others. We all hope to leave legacies and become ledgends as those who have given us influence, inspiration, and idolization. Perhaps already our marks are being made causing a stirring of interests.
A manifestation of creative visualizations.

With a particular interest in art history in high school, I knew I would be an artist. Although that was not manifested with such ease. Anyone can create art and be an artist but was always intimidated by many things. After many years of procrastination, soul searching and wrong turns through experience and time determination and chance was taken. With the desire to gain credibility and regain my mind and passions the applications to art schools were made. Using a portfolio of etchings, drawings, collages and paintings from seven years ago in return was an encouraging letter to further train myself and reapply. With tears of disappointment an application was made for a portfolio development program, with the chance given to learn new skills. Upon reapplication the prospect of art education was given. As a mature student the struggle is fierce. There now is an excitement in the ideas that are all around. Sparking passion in enchanting the senses. After two years the effort now is to gain focus and gain projection of the future in the contributions to be made and the legacies to be left. Given a particular interest in the past and an awe for the history with this projection of contemporary society and the explorations within.

perception of self
to see
how we look
influence inspiration and idols
the montage of the self
hopes and goals\
from concept to creation\
past present and future
define analyze and interpret